Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've got a feeling

Seriously! There was a day last week that I swore I could feel Little Guy kicking. It's a little hard to tell, because when I lay down, I can feel my pulse all over my body, especially in my stomach. When I thought I felt something, I thought it was too early, and I just convinced myself that it was my pulse.

We spent yesterday and last night in Havasu for Tony's Grandma's birthday party. Some of his family members were asking me if I had been feeling any movement, and I told them I thought so, but I wasn't really sure. After I ate, I was sitting at the table, and he poked me twice. Tony's cousin Heather took one look at my face and asked me, "What's wrong with you?!" She could tell by my expression that something was going on. I told her that I thought he was kicking me. Then later that night as we were standing around talking, I felt him yet again! Still the pessimist, I thought maybe it was just my food digesting.

So then today I was sitting on the computer, and I felt the little stinker three more times! This is definitely not a fluke! We have movement people! Maybe this pregnancy feels real after all.


  1. My neighbor Liz says it feels like little bubbles in your tummy...dunno- never been prego, but I'm sure that is what you are feeling :) Soooo fun and exciting!!!

  2. WooHoo!!!!!Little guy has came to life. That is the best feeling. Enjoy!!!!!!

  3. This will be the best feeling you will every have... Enjoy every minute of that. It was the coolest thing for me once I truly could feel it. I went through that thinking it's to soon and I can feel my heart beat and thought that was it.