Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Shower

So this past weekend we had my baby shower. It was amazing! I cannot believe how much work my aunts and especially my mom put in to making every detail so perfect. To me, it was perfection, with the exception of two things. One: it was too cold. Because of the fact that there were so many people, the shower was held mostly outside and it was really cold. Two: There were way too many people! Not that I'm complaining! Well, I am, sort of. We thought it would be fun just to do one big shower and have everybody over at once. A good idea in theory. But in reality, it made it really difficult for me to visit with anybody. I spent most of my day eating and opening gifts. I was really sad that I didn't get to spend more time visiting.

Back to how I spent most of my day:

Eating. Yum! The Taco Lady did an excellent job with the food.

Opening gifts. Fun! But exhausting! My family and friends did such an excellent job in making sure we have everything we need to welcome our little guy. We got almost everything we need. Now all we need is the baby!
Yes, Tony sent me flowers. There is a reason why he is my favorite! :)

Gina had Ethan and Ryan on Monday. I guess they were just holding out until their mommy could make it to my shower!

My parents got us our stroller! Yes, the infant seat is backwards, and no, I wasn't the one who put it in like that.
Aunt Stephanie & Aunt Jennifer
(We were really tired by this part of the night)

My aunts got me a diaper bag. Adorable, right?

I didn't have room for the rest of the pictures. But you can find them on facebook.

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