Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Control Issues

In my five years of teaching, I think the most important lesson I've learned is that you cannot stress about things you cannot control. I spent my first year of teaching very frustrated, because I felt like there were so many kids I couldn't reach. I worried because I didn't have much support from most of the students' parents. Many of those were the parents I needed the most support from. I didn't understand how I was supposed to get these children's test scores up when parents were unwilling or unable to help at home, or could not provide books for their kids, or kids who just plain had bad attitudes about school. I felt completely helpless when I realized that there was nothing I could do to change these situations. I can't control what goes on when these children go home, so I just have to let that go. What I can control, though, is what happens in our classroom and I can control how they view see their education. I needed to stop worrying about the things I couldn't change and start changing the things I could.

I'm trying to apply this teaching philosophy to my life. I know, confusing, right? I have just realized that stressing and worrying about not being moved in by the time the baby is here is not going to get me anywhere. I can't worry about how much still needs to be done if there isn't anything I can do to change it. What I can control, though, are the things that I can prepare for Braysen's arrival, like organizing all of his stuff. I may not have his nursery to put everything away in yet, but you can bet I've had all of his furniture since before we even knew he was a HE! And you can be certain that Little Guy already has his stuff packed away in moving boxes. It is all organized based on when we'll need it. I have several boxes labeled "Newborn Stuff" just in case he decides to arrive before we actually move. All his nursery stuff is also organized and ready to be moved into his new room. Right now I am working on finishing these dividers that will hang in his closet to divide his little clothes.

I may not be completely prepared, but what I can do I will do!

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