Wednesday, March 10, 2010

38 Weeks and 4 Days...

...and there's s much going on!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. Apparently I'm dilated 1 cm. WHAT? I know that 1 cm dilation doesn't really mean much, but it does mean that things are beginning to happen down there, and I'm currently trying to stall for more time!
Closing escrow is stressful enough as it is, but with the situation we're in, the stress is ten-fold. There was drama with the tile that we originally picked out, and the tile guy was going to start today, so we needed to find new tile ASAP. The people at Lowes probably thought we were nuts when they saw my 9-months pregnant butt, still in my work clothes and high heels, not only picking out, but BUYING tile at 8:30 last night! What a sight I must have been! Last night after all the tile drama, I went out to take some "before" pictures of the house. I'll post those later. Tony and Bud spent most of last night at the house ripping out all the flooring and baseboards so the tile can be laid today. After the tile comes the paint and the carpet, then our furniture.

Hopefully things with the house will get moving before this baby does any more moving of his own!

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  1. I think women get crazier as they get closer to pregnancy. They are like a multi-tasking machine.