Friday, June 25, 2010

Braysen's First River Trip

I should have posted these pictures a long time ago. Whoopsie!
He was such a happy camper all weekend. I was a little worried with how he would do, but he loved it!

Heading out!

I had a little mishap with the pasta salad that was
supposed to be part of our dinner that night

Mandie spent a few hours after dinner telling Braysen all about each of the dirtbikes on his mobile. As you can see, he was listening when she was telling him which one he will ride when he's big enough. :(

Braysen's first life jacket.   

The last day we were there, some of Tony's family that lives in Havasu came to meet Braysen for the first time
Aunt Tracey, Logan, Grandma Billie, & Braysen

Tony & Grandpa Dave

Paige & Braysen

Logan & Braysen

Aunt Tracey & Braysen

Grandpa Dave & Braysen


  1. the river pictures are sooo stinkin cute! The one of Braysen in the life vest is hands down my fav....the runner up: spilled pasta salad on the floor!

  2. I really wanted some of that pasta salad!!!!