Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exciting Friday Night!

Well, really not that exciting because I was home by myself again while Tony was at work. What was exciting is that last night was Braysen's first night sleeping in his crib. He's been sleeping in the Pack n Play in our room. When he was first born, it was the plan to transition him to his crib at 6 weeks so he'd be in his own room by the time I went back to work. 6 weeks came and went and I still felt no need to have him that far away, so I thought maybe at 8 weeks I'd be ready. 8 weeks also came and went. I talked to some of  my friends who have babies that are several months older than Braysen, and they all told me that their babies are still sleeping in their rooms, so I didn't feel too bad about chickening out with his transitioning. But he's coming up on his 3-month birthday, and I've noticed that his Pack n Play has been bowing in a little in the middle where he lays. It was then that I dug through all my baby gear manuals and found that there is actually a weight limit on his Pack n Play, so, ready or not, it was time for his big boy crib. He's been pretty much sleeping through the night since right before I went back to work, so I thought maybe it would work. Sooo, last night, we did our same bedtime routine, but instead of putting him down in our room, I put him down in his crib. He sometimes naps in his crib, but other than that we did no transitioning at all. And guess what?

He did great! Much better than I did! I was up every hour to check him on the video monitor to make sure I could see his little chest or tummy moving to make sure he was breathing. But he, on the other hand, slept, well, like a baby. He of course had done a complete 180 and was facing the complete opposite direction from where I laid him down, but he does that every night anyways. He woke up at around 5am for a feeding, and went right back to sleep, but that's kinda my fault because that's what time my alarm goes off and wakes him up on work mornings, so I think it's become part of his routine. We'll have to work on that now that my alarm is no longer going off.

I guess it's time for me to get moving, we have to get ready for Braysen to go to his first birthday party!

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  1. you are brave, Amy! So I know you said you checked the video monitor, but I'm sure you walked down the hall to check on him in person too, huh?! lol. So funny that he spins when he sleeps!