Friday, June 11, 2010

An Update

So I had to go back to work 3 weeks ago. As you can see from how often I have updated my blog, I have been a little busy. Yesterday was my last day of school, thank goodness! I'm back at home now with Braysen and that's where I feel like I should be. I was very angry that I had to go back to work. But I have learned from previous experiences that everything happens for a reason. I honestly didn't know what the reason was that I would have to leave my baby to go to work all day.

Before I went back to work, I was really worried, because I already felt overwhelmed with everything I had to do in a day. Now that I have had to do everything around the house and work all day, I now have a much better appreciation for my time at home. I feel like my time management will be so much better now that I had that experience and I'm thankful for that.

So here I am, on a permanent vacation from work. While it will be really nice to be a stay at home mom, I really wish it woud have been something we chose. The fact that I am not working wasn't a choice we got to make. I would feel much better if we would have been able to sit down, look at our finances, and say to ourselves, "I think we can do this." But that's just not the case. Like I said, everything happens for a reason, and I guess I'm supposed to be at home right now. Everything will hopefully work itself out.

My aunt was bugging me a couple weeks ago telling me that I needed to update my blog because she hadn't seen Braysen in awhile and wanted to see some new pictures. So, here, Aunt Jennifer, is an quick review of the last 3 weeks:

After his 2-month shots. He ripped both bandaids off about 3 minutes after I took this picture.

Yes, those are rolls on his legs! Finally!

Getting ready to go shopping with Grammie.

Fight night at the Plunks' and Braysen and Sawyer were watching TV. I swear he doesn't do this at home! For some reason he really likes what Ryan and Valerie watch. Their channels must be more interesting.

Sawyer going down for the count.

And...TA-DAA! She's up again!

She is so strong!

Braysen watching TV. AGAIN!

He finally figured out that the crinkly sound was coming from the flower petals.

We also had a river trip last weekend, but I'll post those pictures later.

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