Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water Babies

Vannessa and Brooklyn came over today for a play date. The babies hadn't seen eachother since the end of April. We made it a swim day, because Vannessa and I both spend so much time at the river, these babies need to be used to the water!

"What does this chick think she's doing touching my toys?"
I think we need to work on sharing already!

It looked like he was trying to hold her hand. Cute, right?

Nope, he just wanted to suck on it!

I love baby booties!

Tummy time

Yeah, they both were having some drool issues.

Braysen loved the pool, as always. He was cracking us up, because he just would not hold still. Brooklyn looked like she was just tolerating the water, especially when Braysen kept splashing her with his kicks.

She started to get into it a little more at the end. Maybe we'll try again when they're able to sit up a little better.

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  1. Adorable :) They are both so precious! Who knows, maybe one day you and Vannessa will be related :)