Monday, August 9, 2010

Burrito Boy

When we first brought him home from the hospital, I called Braysen my Little Burrito Boy, because that's what he reminded me of when he was all swaddled up. Well Friday morning he lived up to his name. After he gets up, I always lay him on the floor in the living room so he can roll around while I'm getting his breakfast ready. He loves to work his way to the edge of the blanket and put it in his mouth. He rolled to the edge of the blanket, grabbed onto it and stuck it in his mouth, then proceeded to roll a couple times the other way until he was rolled up in the blanket.

You think he would be scared because he couldn't find his way out. Nope, he was giggling under the blanket.

During his morning nap, I checked on him, and found that he had pulled the top of his bumper pad down and had an arm and a leg over the top of it and was cuddling with it. By the time I got back to his room to take a picture, he had already woken up. He probably heard me cracking up as I raced down the hallway to get the camera.

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