Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drowning in Cake

I'm really excited for a super-secret meeting I had this morning! I can't wait to share the good news, but I can't yet because it isn't official yet. Thank you so much to Courtnie for all the information on what I would need.

After I got home, I got started baking all the cakes I need for this week. I need a total of 13 layers for all the cakes I'm making! Yes, I said 13! I'm making 3 separate cakes, and one of those cakes will hopefully be a 3-tiered masterpiece. Well see how that goes! I've been super busy all day running errands and then super busy in the kitchen. Hopefully I can get everything done today because I have a ton more to do tomorrow. So I've finished 11 cake layers, 2 more to go!

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