Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The new J-O-B

I was going to wait until I finished all my employment paperwork and everything was official before I made this announcement, so as not to jinx it, but my mom already announced it on her facebook page, so I guess the cat's out of the bag.

I got a job! A HUGE thanks goes out to my dear friend Courtnie who contacted me to let me know that her school was hiring.

I'll be teaching 7th and 8th graders... I know, sounds scary, right? But Court assures me that these kids are really well-behaved and are nothing like the majority of students in public education. I'll be at a charter school, and one really nice thing about this job is that I will only be planning for and teaching two subjects. And at a charter school, I have a lot more freedom to teach material as I see fit than I have had in the past five years. I will be in the classroom 3 days a week and will work from home the other 2 days as the students are home-schooled twice a week.

I'm am VERY sad that my job as a SAHM is over. I'm really not happy about having to leave Braysen to go to work. But the other side of the coin is that I won't be as concerned about money. Don't get me wrong, we could have probably made things work with just Tony's income, but things would have been REALLY tight. We've done that before when we lived in Beaumont, and believe me, it wasn't fun. So as much as I want to be home, this is probably what's best.


  1. Congratulations AMY! I am so HAPPY for you. What school district and school will you be working at? When do you start? Time to celebrate when you have time. :) The school setup seems perfect for you. Again, congrats!

  2. I'm so Happy for you... I know you want to stay home and it wont be easy believe me I know but you will get 2 days at home a week, is so great... YEAH for you xoxox

  3. congrats on the job :) I'm sad FOR you to have to leave Braysen. It sucks, as you already know, and it just gets worse. Positive Polly over here, huh?! Sorry. but YAY for the JOB!

  4. Congrats Amy, sounds like it will be perfect - work time and Braysen time all in one.

  5. Yeah, I know that there are mixed emotions, but it sounds like you will have the best of both worlds-Work, but with extra Braysen time.How many kids will you have at once, where is the school? I wish you lots of luck, when do you start? Miss you guys!