Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Longer Drowning in Cake - Now Drowning in Cake Sorrows

I'm typing this post from my Blackberry because I cannot sleep thinking about what happened today. I'll post it tomorrow morning. Tony's birthday cake didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to. And just as if it were a cake that I made for somebody else, I couldn't possibly use it if I wasn't completely happy with it. The only difference is that with any other cake I would have either fixed it or started back from square one and worked until the cake was something I was proud of.

Unfortunately that was not an option yesterday. After Braysen ate breakfast, we headed over to my parents' to work on the cakes. I decided to decorate and assemble them there because I was a little afraid to transport a 3-tiered cake in my car! That was mistake number one. I had so many cakes with me, but the layers couldn't be stacked on top of eachother yet because all the weight would end up smashing the bottom layers. So all the cake layers had to find a place in my car where they could lay flat. Plus I had all iof my cake decorating supplies. My car was FULL. And it took forever to load and unload all of this cargo.

I started off by working on the first birthday cake and smash cake for Rebecca's little girl. I wanted to make sure I got those done before I even STARTED Tony's cake. As I got farther and farther along with his cake, I realized how unhappy I was with the way it was looking and how different it was turning out from the way I'd planned.

Like I said, in a normal situation, I would have redone the cake. But this time, I still had to redecorate the 1st birthday smash cake (Which had already been accidentally smashed. Once by me and then later on by my brother). I also needed the majority of Saturday morning to set up for the party, so that really left me no more time to work on Tony's cake.

So as upset that I was that things didn't go as I'd planned, I had to make a decision. I could either just finish up and use what I had for Tony's cake or I could go out in the morning and get a store-bought cake (GASP, I know!). I ended up making 100 cupcakes instead. Sure, they took some time, but not nearly as much time as redoing the cake would have taken. So I will spend tomorrow morning icing the cupcakes and then I'll be done

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  1. ok Amy give up the recipe for Snickerdoodle cupcakes that sound yummy.