Friday, September 10, 2010

Flowers and Butterfly Cake

Lightly Lemon cake with homemade buttercream filling. Cake is iced with marbled rolled homemade fondant and decorated with homemade fondant.


  1. you are so good, these cakes look fantastic! Hey what do you tint you fondant with? already colored fondant or the gel colors? (If gel have you noticed your colors fading)?

  2. Thank you!

    I don't do the already colored fondant, because I make my fondant. I don't like the taste of the store-bought kind. I use gel coloring, because that's what they asked me to buy for my first cake decorating class. But for any new colors, I will be buying the powder. If you want the fondant really dark and use a lot of the color, it makes it really sticky and gummy. The powdered color won't do that. I haven't had any issues with the colors fading.