Monday, September 13, 2010

A Healthier Alternative!

Introducing the Apple Spice Cake!

I've been researching a healthy recipe for baby's 1st birthday smash cakes for some time now. Carolyn called me a while back and asked if I could do Ashton's birthday cake, but for his smash cake, she wanted something that wasn't too sweet. Since then I've had more requests for healthy smash cakes for baby. After much research, I think I've found a winner!

This is an Apple Spice Cake. It contains no eggs and no sugar for you mamas that want a healthier alternative for your baby's first cake. It doesn't look like much, but didn't ice this cake because it was just a tester. It was not too sweet, but still tasty!

While this cake looks dark, it is not chocolate, but I can  make a sugar-free, egg-free chocolate version of this cake!

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