Saturday, October 2, 2010

LOVE Him Right Now...

Well, always, of course. But right now he's been especially lovable!

He's been trying to pull himself up onto the side of his crib for a while now, but never seemed to be able to reach the top. We bought the convertible crib, so he will be able to still use it once he's ready for a big-boy bed. I put the pad onto the railing of his crib the other day, so when he was able to stand up, he won't leave teeth marks from chewing on the side of his crib.

Last night I set him in his crib to play while I got his bath ready. I can't put him anywhere else, because he will probably crawl away and escape. When I came back to get him, this is how I found him:

 He was so happy with his accomplishment.

This faucet cover is one of the best things in baby bathing since Baby Magic.
I originally registered for it so that when Braysen is older he won't bonk his head on the faucet. But with the way it makes the water shoot out instead of down, it makes it so much easier to rinse the shampoo out of his hair. He loves it!

You turn the faucet on and immediately have his attention!

And now that he's figured out how to pull himself up, he wants to use everything he can get his hands on to stand up! First he tried the side of the tub. After I told him no, he turned to the other side and tried to use the soap tray. I've learned to always keep my camera on me with this kid!

 I lobe babies in jammies!

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