Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makeup while DRIVING?! Yes, guilty!

No new blogs again? Excuses, excuses! I know!

But really, though. We've gotten another virus on our computer (this time it was totally my fault) and I've not really had any internet access. I really need to call Mary so she can save me again!

Facebooking has all been done from my phone. I have my work computer, but I don't think it's exactly appropriate to be updating my blog from it.

So here I am blogging from my parents'.

Being a stay at home mommy was crazily chaotic with all my hobbies I decided to take up (you'll get to see a few more of 'em next month), but then throw in this "working from home" business, and things have become outright ridiculous!

I've been trying to find ways to maximize my time. One thing that really annoys me is my drive to work. It is really only a 15-20 minute drive, but it takes me more like 45. I've found that I can save myself some time by doing my makeup on the way to work. Now I realize how bad this sounds, but I only do it when I'm stopped at a red light. There are 16 signal lights (yes, I've counted) that I drive through every morning, before I even hit the freeway! After I get on the freeway, I hop off at the very next exit (I never even actually merge onto the freeway) and then drive through another 19 lights. As you can guess, I usually hit a majority of these lights while they are red. A couple of them (right here between RCC and the local elementary school) I have to sit through the red more than once before I even make it to the intersection!

Our old house was right next to the freeway and we only had 3 signal lights to get there. Not that I'm complaining! I'd trade that huge mortgage and those few signal lights for what we have now any day!!

Speaking of our old house, I think we may have an Oak Glen trip coming up in the next couple of weeks. We may need to drive by the old house just so I can check it out.

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