Monday, November 15, 2010

Braysen's First Halloween

Elmo pumpkin kit from Aunt Stephanie

Look ma, no hands!

Tiffany even got in on the Halloween action!

Funny story about this. We don't usually put him in the Pack n Play, but he was very fussy that afternoon. He was really fighting his nap, didn't want to play on the ground, didn't want to play in the walker, didn't want to play in his jumper, and didn't want to be held. He cried over everything. Tony stuck him in the Pack n Play and he was a happy camper. Because that was the only thing that was making him happy, I left him in there while I did a little paper grading. I glanced up, and somehow he'd gotten his diaper off and was roaming around the Pack n Play butt naked. No wonder he was so happy!

"My punkin has two teeth, just like me!"

Grammie and Papa's "Halloween present" that was really supposed to be a Christmas present.

This was also the first night that he started letting go while standing up to test his balance. Super scary to watch the first time, but his balance is getting better and better!

I really wanted to get some pictures of him in his Halloween jammies, but by the bedtime that night, he was so tired!
"I'm really trying to smile, mom. Really."

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