Thursday, December 16, 2010

9 Months Old!

Yes, I've been totally slacking this month with Braysen's monthly photo. This week has been really hectic. I've just been trying to finish everything up our last week at work before our 3 weeks off (YES!), trying to pack and get everything ready for Havasu this weekend, trying to finish up Christmas shopping, and trying to get a majority of my stuff ready for next week.

We're going to Havasu this weekend to celebrate Christmas with Tony's dad's side of the fam. Packing to take a baby somewhere for the weekend is INSANE! But at least this will be easier than packing for our Catalina trip because #1: We won't be gone as long, #2: I don't have to pack a ton of bulky clothes and extra blankets, and #3: We don't have to try to fit everything into just a few bags to fit on the boat over.

But here are some of the shots from today pictures:

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