Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Came Early This Year...

Today was our last day of school. My students usually bring gifts in for me, and I usually give them gifts. In previous years, I have always bought a book for each of my students. Well, this year I have close to 90 students, so sadly, purchasing a book for each of them was pretty much impossible.

In the past, I have always gotten gifts from several students, nothing too major. But nothing could prepare me for what happened today. We had a meeting with a parent before school started, which ran all the way up to 9:00, when school starts. When Courtnie opened the classroom door, the hall was FILLED with students waiting to get into our rooms to drop their gifts off. I was BOMBARDED by students. My desk area looked like a Christmas tree had thrown up! Here is the aftermath after I got everything home. I still didn't even get the chance to open everything, and we're leaving for Havasu bright and early in the morning, so I probably won't get to it until Monday. :(


  1. That is so great! How fun to open all the goodies, that must be rewarding for you. This was my first year having a teacher to buy for my son's and I got his aiedes a little something also, I hope I did good.

    Looking forward to following your blog :) Happy Holidays XO