Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Organization is Key

Let's face it: I THRIVE with organization. I like to be organized. Sometimes things get so hectic around here that organization and order goes out the window. AND I CAN'T STAND IT! I've always thought that I may be borderline Obsessive Compulsive. I really like things to be neat and tidy and get super stressed out when they are not. Tony knows that I am much happier and much easier to live with when I have a clean and organized house. :) Sometimes that just doesn't happen, and when it does, I am a mess and you don't want to be anywhere near me because I become very stressed and cranky until I am able to fix it.

Tony, on the other hand, is completely the opposite. If you have ever seen the stacks and stacks of things in his truck and in the garage that he is completely OK with, you know exactly what I mean. He would be completely content living in a house with stacks of things everywhere. He's the type of guy that lets laundry pile up for weeks and weeks, then when we have somewhere to go, is rushing to wash a couple of shirts an hour before we need to leave (which is only one of the many reasons we are most often running late), yet he won't allow me to do his laundry. When we first got married, he couldn't seem to understand why I had a day designated for cleaning house every week. Not just picking up, but CLEANING.

Anyways, onto the real purpose for this post. I have organized his sock drawers many many times, but he likes his socks folded a particular way. When he takes socks out of the drawer, he mixes them up and they become unorganized. Once they become mixed up, he has a very hard time finding matching socks, so he continues to pull socks out one by one until he finds a matching pair. These socks that he pulls out end up on top of the dresser. Once he finds matching socks, he walks away, leaving the socks on the dresser and the drawers wide open.

This may sound like I am being very petty, but this is just ONE example of something becoming unorganized that drives me nuts, but he doesn't understand because it doesn't bother him one bit. So goes our day, it's almost like he leaves a trail through the house and you can see exactly where he's been.

This bothered me before, but drives me BONKERS now, because with Braysen around and a full time job, I don't really have as much time to pick up after him.

Enter: mission organization. I took step one today to getting him organized!! I created a sock organizer for his drawer.  TA-DA!

Now he can't mix up his matching socks. I'll probably still find the drawers wide open, but the socks on the dresser that I am constantly reorganizing into the drawer will no longer be a problem. Foam board from Target, a tape measure, a utility knife, and 30 minutes of my Christmas vacation were sacrificed to save me a daily chore... sounds worth it to me!