Thursday, January 27, 2011


Completely bummed that I just had to delete my cake blog and my cake page on fb. Someday I will upload my cake pictures to this blog.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aquarium of the Pacific

I don't know if I've bragged about the field trip situation at my school, but for the most part, it's pretty awesome. Field trips are almost once a month. I always dreaded field trips before, they were always really stressful. I was always worried that a student would get injured, or get lost, or just be misbehaving and get themselves in trouble. I always went home exhausted because I spent the entire day worrying and being super watchful (more than normal) of my students.

At my new school, the field trips are planned on the homestudy days, so the parents take their kids. I'm not responsible for an entire class of kids running around at the field trip site. The parents chaperone, and we don't have to stay in one big group. There's no bus-ride there or back, I take my own car. The best part? I can bring family guests. Braysen has been able to go on every field trip with me. Today, my mom joined us and we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific.


BIG fishy!

Grammie & Braysen


He wanted in the water with the sharks

Coloring at lunch after our field trip

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Losing It (and Them)

Not a whole lot of time, just wanted to share where my brain is right now.

When we got home from Sawyer's birthday party, Tony brought Braysen's shoes in from the car (he kicks them off any time he's in his car seat). I hadn't seen the shoes since Saturday, but we were going out to lunch with my fam on Monday, and I couldn't find his little plaid Vans anywhere. I searched the house from top to bottom, the car, the diaper bag, they were nowhere to be found. This morning Tony took the trashcans out and it made me think to ask him to check the trash for Braysen's shoes. Not that I actually thought they would be in there, I just couldn't think of anywhere else to look. Lo and behold, he found them in the trash, I HAD THROWN AWAY HIS SHOES!!! I have no recollection of doing this nor do I have any explanation as to why I would have done this. I think my brain is just thinking about so many things at once that it is no longer functioning properly. I don't know what else to say.

With that being said, you will see fewer and fewer posts in the coming months on this blog. (So no texts or harassing phone calls-Aunt Jennifer!) There are a few reasons:

#1: Work is super busy for me right now
#2: Braysen's birthday party is rapidly approaching and even though I got started working on it a long time ago, I still feel like there is a TON to do
#3: I am SWAMPED with cake orders. Things kind of died down during the holidays but have picked up and are in full swing. I literally had 3 people book topsy turvy cakes in just the last 4 days. I know that I said I would be cutting back and only doing 2 cakes per month, but I have such a hard time telling people no! Aside from booking more than 2 cakes per month, I have 2 cakes for this weekend alone!

So you won't see many updates on this blog, but you will inundated with updates on my cake blog!

Hi ho, hi ho, back to work I go. We have a not-so-fun meeting tomorrow at work so I'm going to make some cake pops to try to boost the girls' morale. :) I also have 11 (yes, I said 11) layers of cake to bake first thing in the morning before I leave...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New skills

At 10 months, Braysen has lots of new skills. To name a few:

Walking, climbing and standing on things,  & dancing.

He likes to walk from one thing to another, but is very careful about it. He will only walk to it if he can make it there in about 6 or 7 steps. If it's any farther than that, he will just drop and crawl.

I haven't been able to catch a picture of him and his climbing abilities. He has figured out how to climb on top of toys in order to reach the screen on the TV. Oh boy, here we go!

Lastly, his dancing. He just started this yesterday as we were getting ready to leave to go to Sawyer's birthday party. His song of choice? Wiz Khalifa's Black & Yellow. Go figure! Probably not the most appropriate video for my 10 month old to be dancing along with...

10 Months Old!

So yes, I'm a couple of days late. 10 months old on the 14th, to be exact.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woodland Fairy & Friends (Sawyer's 1st Birthday)

Sawyer's 1st birthday was a Woodland Fairy & Friends themed party. I set the cupcakes up like this just to get a shot before I packed them up for the party. They way Valerie had everything displayed at the party was much cuter, but I'm lame and forgot to get a picture. I also forgot to get a picture of the chocolated pretzels. Maybe when she posts her pictures I will be able to steal a few. :)

 Sawyer's smash cake was a sugar-free & egg-free apple spice cake with sugar-free cream cheese icing. I will be completely honest with you, this icing was very difficult to work with. Because it doesn't contain any sugar at all, it basically defies all cake decorating rules. :) Knowing how difficult it would be to work with, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, because I didn't think I would be able to get it even remotely smooth or get it to pipe to create any decorations at all.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and mushroom mini cake pops.

Red velvet mini cupcakes with cream cheese icing. These were mushroom and moss cupcakes. I had quite a few questions about what the "moss" was made out of. :) Don't is completely edible.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pole Postition

On Friday night we went to Pole Position with Tony's fam. As you can see from the wet shirt, Braysen is teething again. Maybe I'm just being stubborn, but I refuse to put a bib on him for any other purpose than feeding.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Projects

When I bought the supplies to make Bostyn's hooded towel, I also bought supplies to make some more hooded towels for Braysen. My sewing machine was not cooperating at the time and would sometimes work and sometimes not, so I made the one for Desiree's shower, but I never got around to making Braysen's.

Well, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, so last night I decided it was time to put it to use. I made two hooded towels for Braysen. They were super easy and took very little time. I made two different styles to see which one I liked best.

I recieved a handmade hooded towel like these at my baby shower. When we brought Braysen home, it seemed so huge for my little tiny baby. Now that he's bigger, the flimsy hooded towels just don't cut it. He loves to snuggle up with these towels after his bath!

I have more sewing projects in the works. I hope to get more done this week while I'm off, but I also want to get really far ahead in my lesson planning and get a lot done for Braysen's birthday party because January and February are filled with a ton of cake orders!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Braysen has been taking some balanced steps on his own since about a week before he turned 9 months. It was December 7th to be exact, which, oddly enough was the night we were both sick with the flu.

Anyway, it's been next to impossible for me to get it on camera, because this kid only seems to do things when it's his idea (like waving or clapping). It's so hard to prompt him to do things.

His balance is getting better and better! I caught him tonight walking to his walker.

Please excuse the blurriness (I guess I didn't fix my camera) and turn the sound down so you don't hear my loud voice...


I know I'm way behind on this post, but I have a confession to make...

I was waiting for my friends to post their pictures so I could steal them and use them. Thank you to Marlo and Valerie for letting me bum pictures off of you. Tony was messing with the settings on my camera, and all my pictures came out blurry because I didn't have the chance that night to sit down and figure out how to fix it. I don't even know how to use the dang camera because it has so many different settings and then he throws me off with this?!

Anyway, New Year's Eve was a completely different story this year! We always have a NYE party at our house, with the exception of last year. Last year my mom was hospitalized for several days just after Christmas and came home right before NYE. I spent a lot of time at the hospital and when it came down to it, it was just too late to do anything. On top of that, I was 6 months pregnant and we were living out of boxes because we were supposed to be moving earlier that year in October.

This is what mostly went on at the last NYE party we had 2 years ago:

I'm sure you can figure out what the theme of the night was.

My how things have changed! We really wanted to scale it down this year and not have as many people over because we knew there would be lots of little ones. This year I spent a lot more time picking up Braysen's toys than I did picking up alcohol bottles!