Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Better Part of the Day

So after my last blog, I do have to be honest. Today was not all stressful. I know I've complained about these work-from-home days, but today was actually really good for 2 reasons. #1: The Season and #2: The Weather

#1: The Season? Spring = Spring Break
Tomorrow our Spring Break starts and a lot of our students have mentally checked out already. My email and cell phone were eerily quiet today.

#2: The Weather? Warm & Beautiful
One really good thing about my work from home days is that there is no packing up to do at the end of the day, no students to wait on before being picked up, no traffic on the way home, no errands to run on the way home. I close my laptop and turn the ringer off on my work phone at 4 and I am done for the day. Braysen woke up from his nap a little before 4 today, so when 4:00 rolled around, I closed my computer and we went outside.

Braysen was actually sans clothes most of the day. No, not because we are trashy, but because he is so much more comfortable. He seems much happier without clothes, so as long as we are at home and it's warm enough, I feel ok with letting him be comfy (for now, at least). : )

Please excuse our still unfinished backyard. We moved in shortly after Braysen was born and our goal was to have the backyard done before his 1st birthday. #1 because we wanted him to have a backyard to play in and #2 because we wanted to have his birthday party here. It's not done yet. I'm not happy about it. Please don't judge me from the shovels, ladders, tools, dirt holes, and other "unfinished backyard things" you may see in these pictures.

Snack time!

 Strawberry face!

I showed him how to work the water cannon. Probably not the best idea, because then he was obsessed with it.

He's been able to climb up on my mom's couch for a while now. He has been trying and trying to climb up onto our couch, but it's much higher, so there has been a lot of crying frustration in our house. He figured it out today. He was playing on the floor and I was in the kitchen. I glanced up and couldn't see him until he popped his head up over the top of the couch! BUSTED!!!

He then decided to try his luck with the other couch.


  1. What a fun time in the backyard with your little guy! That pirate ship looks legit Noah would be all over that, looks like a nice way to cool down at home in such warm weather :)

  2. Braysen is getting so big! I love that kid. I'm afraid to let Emery look at these pictures, the pirate ship might give her a heat attack. It looks so much fun! Glad you had such a nice spring afternoon with your sweet baby.