Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alpine Camp

Last week I was at camp with my students. We went to Alpine Camp in Blue Jay. We had fun, but I'll be honest, being away from Braysen was torture. I don't really want to talk about it, so the last thing I will say is that by the end of the last day I was in tears and DONE, ready to go home. I didn't take my camera, the photo credit goes to one of our kiddo's moms, miss Dawn Malone.

There are a TON of pictures, however a majority have students in them so I was unable to post them.

Yes, that is snow on the ground. There wasn't a lot of snow left, but there were quite a few areas where the students where able to have snowball fights. If you know me, you know this did not sit well. If there is snow, that means it is too darn cold.

Me & Jocelyn
She is our new 6th grade teacher.

Looking at these next few pictures still makes me sick to my stomach. On day 2 of camp, our kiddos did a ropes course, which is a lot of tree climbing. I wasn't going to participate, especially because none of the other teachers were harnessing up. Long story short, I got talked into it. Peer pressure, but from my students. It's amazing what middle schoolers can talk you into. I did one smaller one where you have to climb up a tree and then walk across a log and back. After I completed that one, I don't know WHAT got into me, but I decided to try The Centurion. It is a 107 foot tall climb with a platform at the top.

Don't mind the dweeb-a-saurus helmet I had to wear.

Once you get to the top, there is a platform you have to climb onto. I think this was the hardest part for me. I kept telling myself how ticked off I would be if I made it all the way to the top and then couldn't get my butt up there. Once you're on the platform, there is a plaque attached to the tree. I remember seeing it as I was trying to get up on the platform, but by the time I got up onto the platform and was able to actually read the plaque, I forgot to look at it. There were too many other things on my mind at that point. After doing some research, I found out that the plaque reads, “Jesus helps those who help themselves; very few people have made it this far. Congratulations!” At that point, the only way down is to jump. There is a trapeze to jump out to before the belayer lowers you to the ground.

Me, Courtnie (7th/8th math), Marla (our boss), Monica (5th grade), Jocelyn (6th grade), & Dana (7th/8th math)

Can you tell she's almost 6 months pregnant?!


  1. I still cannot believe that you did that!!!!

  2. Dad says this is not the Amy that grew up in his house!!!!

  3. wow Amy i'm impressed. I thought at first how is she doing this in her high heels but i noticed in the last picture you have on tennis shoes LOL