Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eggs

I have one thing to say about dying Easter Eggs with a one-year-old. OMG, it's HARD!! We started off in the backyard, thinking it would be easier for Braysen because everything would be at his level. We set everything up at his little table and then got started. He was more interested with stickin his hands in the cups (we used glass mugs, which was mistake #1). After a few minutes we decided it wasn't working. I needed him to be at my level so I control him a little better. Back in the house we went. Tony was so worried about ruining the table and the tile with the egg dye that he was a nervous wreck. Usually I'm the one worried about that kind of stuff. Oh well, it was fun!

Yes, this was a temper tantrum.

The aftermath.


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