Monday, April 25, 2011


On Easter we had a busy day. We did our egg hunt at home and checked out what the Easter Bunny brought. We then went to Tony's parents' house and then to my Aunt Stephanie's house.

The Easter Bunny left his tracks.

The egg hunt.

Playing with some gifts from the Easter Bunny.

I think he liked the grass in the basket more than anything else!

Bunny pancakes. I don't give Braysen syrup for his pancakes, but this morning I made him a special strawberry dipping sauce for them. He loved it!

Presents from Papa & Grammie.

Baskets from Aunt Stephanie and Great-Grandma Pat.

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Practicing his golf swing with Daddy.

Egg hunt at Aunt Stephanie's. The egg hunt for the rest of the kids was in the front yard, but because Braysen was the only really little one, they hid his eggs in the courtyard by the front door.

Aunt Jennifer thought it was fun to give Braysen some silly string in his Easter basket. He loved spraying people!

Mmm, strawberry shortcake!!

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  1. Looks like an eventful day! Looks fun! braysens getting so big!So ADORABLE!