Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Complain?

Since I had Braysen, I've only had one friend that was going through her first pregnancy. I didn't get to see her often, so I didn't get the opportunity to think what I'm thinking now. I have a friend at work who is in the middle of her 1st pregnancy, and I find myself biting my tongue to not be that annoying person that makes comments like, "You think you're tired/stressed/etc now, just wait til that baby comes!" I HATED it when people said those things to me. Yet that is exactly what I am thinking and forcing myself to not say.

I look back to when I was pregnant and cannot believe what my perception of tired was or what my perception of stressed was. I had no idea! I keep thinking, "Gosh, if I only knew how tough having a little one around was going to be, I totally would have better enjoyed my previous version of my tired self!"

But now looking ahead, I'm thinking to myself: what happens when we decide to have #2? (BTW, don't get any ideas, we're not thinking this any time soon!) I thought I was tired when I was pregnant with Braysen, what the heck is it going to be like when I'm pregnant the 2nd time around and already have a child to chase around? What the heck is it going to be like when I have a child to chase around and a newborn?

No more complaining about being tired or stressed. :) Enjoy the moments as they come. You never know what you'll be looking back on and thinking: "Why was I complaining?"

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