Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mom's 50th Birthday

Let's get one thing clear: My mom does not like parties. Sure, she loves to give parties, but never wants a party to celebrate her or the attention that brings. She about had a heart attack when I asked her if we could invite just the family over to BBQ for her birthday.

So that's what it was: A 50th Birthday BBQ

Please don't mind how tired I look in every and any picture from this day. Every night in the week before consisted of only about 2-3 hours of sleep.

The kid has mad ninja skills

 Again with the ninja skills

Sooo sweet. Dylan loves his Braysen!

Knocked out, even with all the door slamming and noise that went on that day.

Stink bug booty!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Park Day with the Boys (and baby Elissa)

We met up with Natalie, Gina, & Rana (and all their kiddos) for a picnic at the part. This trip allowed me to scratch off #19 on my summer to-do list!

I made a batch of chicken caesar pasta the night before. I didn't get any pictures of the boys eating, because it was a little chaotic for all of us to try to eat and keep all 4 of the kiddos on the blankets and eating when the playground was a mere 10 feet away. Braysen had chicken ceasar pasta, peas, and blueberries for lunch.

We met up at Natalie's and then walked to the park.

I was able to steal one of the pictures off of Natalie's page. It's when Landon dumped out Braysen's blueberries. :)

Since Landon is a pro at the water park (his momma takes him almost every day), he showed the rest of the boys the ropes.

Not surprisingly, Braysen wasn't too far behind.

Watermelon popsicles!
These were super easy to make. I bought the popsicle molds for really cheap at Walmart, pureed some watermelon, and froze them in the molds overnight. The boys gobbled them up! Sorry baby Elissa, maybe next year you can have one, too.

Milk drunk

We stopped to pick up Tiffany on the way home, and Braysen had his first ice cream cone.


BBQ at the Plunks'

Most of these catch-up posts will be heavy on pictures and light on words. Sorry!

 Sharing some watermelon.