Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Week and Super Nanny Fail

My first week of summer vacay. You think I'd be at home relaxing right? Nope. I had something going on every single day this week. I made myself a huge to-do list, but now thinking back on past summers, I seriously doubt I will find the time for a majority of my very ambitious list.

Even though I was super busy this week, I did accomplish a few things I can cross off!

On top of it being a busy week, I have just been really tired. A few months back I blogged about how Braysen was in his toddler bed because he was able to climb out of his crib. That morning at 3am, Tony put the crib back together because Braysen being able to get out of bed just wasn't working. Physically, he was ready to be in a toddler bed (clearly, the kid could climb out of it!), but mentally, he wasn't ready and didn't understand that he needed to stay there and go to sleep. Or stay asleep there.

Anyway, Tony put the crib back together that night and I was very watchful while Braysen was in bed. Most nights he laid right down and went to sleep. There were a few nights that he didn't want to go to bed and would try to get out, but was unsuccessful most of the time.

Early on this week we decided we needed to try the toddler bed again, because Braysen had figured out the trick and was able to successfully climb onto the railing every time he tried. Dangerously scary. On top of being in the toddler bed and trying to cut 3 molars, the poor kid has just not wanted to sleep. At all. Most nights this week I was fortunate to get a 2-hour block of sleep. He wasn't fussy at all, he just wanted to be up and playing. After many hours of trying everything I knew to get him to go to sleep, including some things I vowed I would never do, such as putting him in bed with me and strapping him in the car for a little drive.

After getting no sleep at all this week, we decided that we needed to go Super Nanny on him. We started it at naptime today and I gave up. Tony and I took shifts for over an hour. Every time Braysen got out of bed, we'd go in and lay him back down. After his sobs became uncontrollable, I couldn't take it anymore. He has never cried for that long, EVER. I know it is best for him for him to learn how to fall asleep on his own in the bed, but I gave in. I picked him up. He fell asleep almost immediately on my shoulder, which is something he hadn't done in months and months.

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