Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The First of Many Adventures this Summer!

Oh, where to begin? I guess at the beginning of where I stopped blogging and continue until I'm updated.

I can't believe how busy I've been so far this summer. I have been asked by so many people, "So, how has your break been?" But honestly, I don't really feel as if I'm on break. I have been busy literally every single day since the last day of school. I think today was the first day that we did not have to leave the house for something, but of course we did, because I've only been to Target once so far this week, so of course, I had to go again to meet my 3-4 Target-trip quota for the week.

I have been able to complete a few of the items on my summer to-do list. I have pictures as proof for most of them. :)

Right after school got out we had Finley's birthday party.

Please don't mind the big bruise on my child's forehead. It happened during one of our many sleepless nights when he ran into our bedpost. :(

Braysen was sooo excited to see Sawyer. He talks to her almost daily on the phone. If I ask him, "Where's Sawyer?", he finds his phone and proceeds to have a very loud conversation.

 It cracks me up that for the longest time he was always checking out her hedbands, and here she is checking out his hair. :)

Playing outside in the ball pit.

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Sawyer loooved jumping! Braysen?

Not so much!

You can check out Finley's smash cake and birthday cupcakes here.

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