Monday, June 6, 2011

Parker Float

Sooo many pictures from the float, there's just no way I can post them all. Here are just a few, the rest are on facebook.

Egg burritos for breakfast!

Strangely enough, Braysen was not afraid of the water, even though it was freezing cold still! It's a good thing my little fishy boy is starting swimming lessons this month!

There are a ton of people that do the float. You can register and enter to win prizes. We never do the entire thing because it literally goes all day, and that's just too long to be gone. We don't go to the very start of the float, and we only float back to the campground.  But there were some crazy floats this year, and I actually thought enough to take pictures of some of them.

Tani, Ali, & Ryan
We had lost both Tony & Derek by this point.

Oh wait, there they are, off floating by themselves. At one point I think we lost them completely.

I tried to get a picture to show all the people on the water, but clearly my photos didn't do much justice. My mom got some much better ones.

Braysen is too little to do the float so he stayed with my parents for a little while. By the time we got back, this is what he was up to.

Day 2, Braysen hamming it up as we are getting ready to go outside.

Braysen's new shades. Too bad they do funny things to his ears and too bad he will only keep them on for about 5.4 seconds.

Boat ride!

POOPED on the way home!

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