Monday, July 18, 2011

Did I Get Lost?

I know, I know, bad blogger! I said I would do a blog a day, but what happened yesterday?

I'll tell you what happened yesterday. Somehow after dinner, I got talked into going to the car dealership to look at these.

Personally, I am just fine with my little car. Tony has been talking for over a year about buying a new car. After our first river trip with a baby, to be exact. He couldn't believe how ridiculously small my trunk seemed once we had to load all of our stuff.

Long story short, we didn't come home with a new car. I am really uncomfortable with what our monthly payment will be. Not just the car payment, but this means that our monthly Shell bill will go up, along with our car insurance. Not to say we can't afford it, I know we can, but I pay the bills, and I just don't want our car payment to be as high as it would be if we bought this car. I also wasn't IN LOVE with the color of the interior of the one they had on the lot. He's still working on me, so we'll see what happens. But for now, no new car!

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