Friday, July 1, 2011

Knott's Soak City

Yesterday was Mark's birthday, so we went to Soak City. Braysen had a blast. Duh. There was water involved.

Bad mommy left his water cup at home, so he used mine for the day.

These glasses crack me up! He and I both hate how they wrap around his head, and he will only wear them for a minute or two, but still funny!

Waving to us as he is in line to go on the water slide.

I know he looks scared in the pictures on the slides. Before you think I was torturing my kid for fun, take a look at his face in this next picture. As soon as we would take him out of the pool, he would march his way back up the hill to get in line. Or insist that somebody pick him up, and then he would point to the line at the top of the little hill.

Please excuse the rolls on my stomach as we enjoyed our Dippin Dots. Which Braysen loved, by the way. As soon as ours were gone, he moved on to everybody else in the group who was willing to share with him.

He loves tomatoes almost as much, though!

And no day with Braysen would be complete without him finding some type of trouble to get into.

Uploading videos and will post them in a bit!

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