Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Starting Off Spring Break

Lots of days to catch up on and lots of pictures to post, but I'll go back to those later. Friday was my last day of school and I am officially off for Spring Break! Braysen and I usually eat dinner with my parents on Fridays (Tony doesn't get home from work until close to midnight every night), but my parents took off for the river, so B and I were on our own.

He always wants to see what I'm doing when I'm cooking, so the majority of my dinner prep time, I am either holding him or he sits up on the counter. He decided to help himself to a big ol' hunk of tomato while I was chopping away. Dang, this kid loooves tomatoes!

After dinner, we went to get some frozen yogurt. He thinks it's ice cream. I'm ok with that. When I asked him which flavor he wanted, he promptly told me "Choc-it". Chocolate? Really? Whose kid is this anyway? I think he has his Grammie's taste buds!

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  1. That's awesome he likes tomatoes. My oldest hates any red vegetable, so were are going to let him plant his own tomatoes next week that way he will want to hopefully eat them.