Friday, September 28, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

I've only had a few occasions when I've been hit by pregnancy brain this time around. This was one of the very first incidents.

Yes, that is our orange juice that I found in our cabinet at around lunch time. 

And yes, that is a Mickey Mouse bowl that I found in the washing machine after I'd finished washing a load.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Is it Too Much?

I think my body has been trying to tell me something.

For the first few weeks of my pregnancy I had very mild symptoms. A few headaches here and there, tiredness, and a bit of nausea every late afternoon, just to name a few.

For the last 3 weeks or so I have been virtually symptom free, which is kind of rare for being pregnant with multiples, based on what I've read. 

Between Ashton's birthday party at the beach, Knott's, and chasing Braysen around yesterday in Oak Glen, I think my body is finally saying, "Enough already!"

On the way home yesterday I was hit with an awful headache. By the time I got home that headache was accompanied by the worst bout of nausea I've had this pregnancy. I didn't actually get sick, but it did spend a majority of the afternoon/evening posted on the couch and was even in bed by 9:30, which is pretty much unheard of for me!

I honestly think that learning to slow down is going to be the most difficult part of this pregnancy. I didn't have a need to when I was pregnant with Braysen, I still wore my high heels to work and even worked up until two days before I delivered! I feel like my body is telling me to slow down and take it easy for a while, and while that may be something that I do not want to do, I may not have a choice.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Pickin'

Valerie and I took the kids up to Oak Glen today. By the way, it kills me to call them kids and not babies. I guess it is what it is, they are kids now. They were really into the apples and filled their bags up pretty quickly.


We let them run wild for a little bit and check out some animals.

Sawyer was NOT a fan of the peacocks.

Braysen, however was a little obsessed. When we later found a peacock wandering around, he thought it would be a good idea to chase it around for a bit

10 Weeks

10 weeks and I'm looking pretty poochy! I feel like my pooch is lower with this pregnancy, but after seeing this picture, I think my stomach looks pretty high just like it did when I was pregnant with Braysen.

We're off to pick apples! Blog post about it later!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eating for Three!?

All my pregnancy books that I've read say that in pregnancy, you're not necessarily "eating for two", but you should be taking in about 300 more calories per day. Every book I own was about being pregnant with ONE baby, so I wasn't really sure what I needed to do while cookin' TWO babies. I went on a hunt to find books about twins and multiples pregnancies.

One of the books I ended up downloading onto my Kindle focuses on my nutrition and what my diet should look like in order to have babies with a higher birth weight earlier in pregnancy. One of my biggest fears is having the babies really early. Preterm delivery, low birth weight, long stays in the NICU, and all the health problems that they could face scare me to death. As much as packing on a ton of weight and getting stretch marks scares me, the thought of something happening to them scares me even more, so I decided that I need to be proactive.

The book suggests that by the time I hit 20 weeks, I should have gained about 25 pounds. Seriously!? That's just a little more than my total weight gain from my first pregnancy! And I'm expected to do that in just a few short months? They give a breakdown of how many servings of different food groups I should be eating. It's laughable really. I made myself a little checklist to try to keep track of my servings each day. This is how badly the day ended on Sunday:

I really don't think it will be possible for me to gag this much food down in one day!

Yesterday the list went out the door because we were at Knott's all day. Today I made a huge effort. I spent most of the day either preparing food or eating. It was awful. I felt full and uncomfortable all day. Even with all the eating I did, I still didn't come close to completing the list.

I'm still waiting for my stomach to settle before I make a green almond smoothie, which will let me check off a few more servings. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Know You're the Mommy of a Little Boy When...

He seems to think that every red light is the start of a race and shouts, "Woo hoo! We wiiiin!!!!!" every time we are the first car into the intersection when the light turns green.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exciting News!

Surprise! We're expecting again! I'm due April 23rd.

I was just at the doctor last week for my 8-week appointment, and everything looked good. I had a little scare on Sunday, and when I called the doctor, they wanted to see me first thing to check baby's heartbeat and make sure everything was ok.

I went in and was scared to death. I always worry about worst-case scenario, so I had completely prepared myself to hear the doctor tell me there was no heartbeat. What I was NOT prepared to hear is that she actually saw TWO heartbeats and TWO babies on the ultrasound!

 I saw this really cute chalkboard on Pinterest a long time ago. I was really sad that I hadn't thought to do something like this when I was pregnant with Braysen, so I decided it would do it this time around. I took pictures every week and kept a journal, but I like how the chalkboard is like a 2 in 1. The girl that made the original chalkboard found a painting at a thrift store and painted it with chalkboard paint.  I went to one thrift store, got frustrated that I couldn't find what I was looking for, then went to Home Depot and bought a piece of chalkboard for 5 bucks.  T is going to use some crown molding to make a frame for it, we just haven't gotten there yet.

Our Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement chalkboard

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Letter of the Week: O

This week we worked on the letter O. So far we have done letters B, A, and S. I was trying to stick to letters in his name, but every morning when we review the letters he knows, he is always very interested in the letter O and the "oct-pus" on his ABC place mat. So this week, we ran with it.

We usually use the magnetic pom poms to create the letter we are working on. I print out these dot sheets of the letter. After he builds the letter with the pom poms, he then puts circle stickers on the page and we hang it up on the wall with his work for the week.

I stuck the letter paper on the cookie sheet and walked away to grab the camera. When I came back, he'd taken the letter sheet off and created the O by himself.  OK, that works!

 We raced cars on the letter O.

This page he was supposed to be gluing cheerios on the letter O.

 He was more interested in eating them, so we didn't get much accomplished.

We made an octopus out of the letter O.

And we made an owl out of the letter O.

We made letter O in the sand tray.

And used a potato stamper to stamp O's!

Some things that I did not get pictures of that we also do every week are: letter hunt (around the house), finding letter O in the magnetic ABCs, flashcards, letter O cookies, and using tour letter O cookie cutter to cut out Playdough.