Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eating for Three!?

All my pregnancy books that I've read say that in pregnancy, you're not necessarily "eating for two", but you should be taking in about 300 more calories per day. Every book I own was about being pregnant with ONE baby, so I wasn't really sure what I needed to do while cookin' TWO babies. I went on a hunt to find books about twins and multiples pregnancies.

One of the books I ended up downloading onto my Kindle focuses on my nutrition and what my diet should look like in order to have babies with a higher birth weight earlier in pregnancy. One of my biggest fears is having the babies really early. Preterm delivery, low birth weight, long stays in the NICU, and all the health problems that they could face scare me to death. As much as packing on a ton of weight and getting stretch marks scares me, the thought of something happening to them scares me even more, so I decided that I need to be proactive.

The book suggests that by the time I hit 20 weeks, I should have gained about 25 pounds. Seriously!? That's just a little more than my total weight gain from my first pregnancy! And I'm expected to do that in just a few short months? They give a breakdown of how many servings of different food groups I should be eating. It's laughable really. I made myself a little checklist to try to keep track of my servings each day. This is how badly the day ended on Sunday:

I really don't think it will be possible for me to gag this much food down in one day!

Yesterday the list went out the door because we were at Knott's all day. Today I made a huge effort. I spent most of the day either preparing food or eating. It was awful. I felt full and uncomfortable all day. Even with all the eating I did, I still didn't come close to completing the list.

I'm still waiting for my stomach to settle before I make a green almond smoothie, which will let me check off a few more servings. 

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  1. Amy, this is a great idea (at least to try out). I think I'm going to make a little chart to keep track of what I'm eating. The thought of gaining lots of weight during the pregnancy scares me, but I want to make sure I'm eating healthy and getting the nutrients the baby needs. Thanks for sharing the idea!