Saturday, October 20, 2012

14 Weeks

I was officially 14 weeks yesterday. Sorry about the blurry picture. This is what happens when you take your picture at 11 at night with the self timer on your camera. Sorry about the hair too. Braysen had swim lessons. Not that we actually went to his lesson. My pregnancy brain reared its ugly head again yesterday. We left our house in order to make it to his lesson at 10:30. I had some running around to do before and I made sure we had plenty of time to get everything done. I was headed to Corona and talking on the phone to my mom at about 9:45 when she reminded me that I had changed him to the 10:00 class over a month ago! We have been going to the 10:00 class, so I have no idea why I was thinking 10:30. So he missed his class.

Braysen's been doing really well in class. He can almost float on his back all by himself. I have just one finger under him, and I know if I take my hand away he can do it on his own, but the moment he feels me not touching him he panics, wiggles around, and then sinks like a rock. His instructor said that she thinks he will have it very soon. I want to keep him in for as long as I can keep going. I know after the babies come it will pretty much be impossible for him to take swimming lessons and get in the water with him, and I'd really like him to have as many skills as possible by next summer.

We made an appointment for a gender determination ultrasound.We found a place that will do it at 14 weeks, so the day that my doc bumped up my due date, I called the ultrasound place. We're going tonight and then having our family over for a little gender reveal! I can't wait to find out!

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