Saturday, October 6, 2012


You may remember this post from over a year and a half ago when we took Sawyer and Braysen to Build-A-Bear. The dog that Braysen brought home that day has pretty much only been touched when Braysen moves it out of his chair when he wants to sit in it.

Somehow, out of nowhere, the dog that he recently named "Puppy" has been attached to Braysen's hip.  Wednesday night we took the big stroller out of the car to put it away.  It sat in the front hallway for a little while. At some point while I was cooking dinner, Braysen came into the kitchen pushing Puppy in the stroller. That was the beginning. Later at dinner he cried because he wanted puppy to sit with him. 

 In this picture he was telling me to not take a picture of his Puppy. Haha.

 When it was bedtime, He didn't say anything about Puppy, so we did his regular routine and he went to bed.

 He woke up at 4am and came to our room bawling because he didn't have his puppy. Really?

Puppy really has not left his side since that morning. He eats dinner with Braysen every night, rides bikes, cuddles on the couch, and goes to bed with him every night. It's funny because Braysen carries full on conversations with Puppy complete with asking questions to see if he's full, cold, comfy, etc.

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