Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Appointment with the Specialist

After our 14 week early gender ultrasound, I was not completely convinced when we were told that the babies are girls. We went this afternoon to see the specialist for the first time. I will see him every two weeks so he can check on the babies. He confirmed that these little babes are girls!

Tony normally can't get off work in time to make it to my appointments, so my mom usually goes with me to keep an eye on Braysen. Today she was in Norco for the day, so the plan was for her to meet me at the doctor. Tony ended up getting off in time to meet us there. Thank goodness he did because Braysen started puking in my backseat about 5 minutes after we left the house. I really didn't want to reschedule my appointment because it's a little tough to get in to see the specialist. After I got Braysen cleaned up in a parking lot, we were on our way. My mom met us in the parking lot and then took him home so he could get some rest.

My little sicky-poo.
Tony stayed with my for my appointment. I usually don't mind going to the doctor by myself, but was glad he was at this appointment because it was a little scary. The doctor measured all the babies' body parts and looked for defects, which my previous doctor never did when I was pregnant with Braysen.

I loved the specialist. He eased my mind about a lot of things I've been worrying about. The amount of weight that he wants me to gain corresponds to what my OB told me.  He also advised me to ditch my high heels, stay off my feet, and keep them elevated as much as possible because of the issues I've been having with the veins in my legs. Not thrilled about that, but what can you do? He said everything looked good and he was very happy with what he saw,  but something tells me that things can change rather quickly if he wants to see me to check on the girls every two weeks.

Now tomorrow I will be on the hunt for some compression stockings that I will have to wear every day and some whey protein powder that he wants be to add to my daily smoothies because he wants to make sure I'm getting enough protein.

I will post some of the ultrasound pics tomorrow!


  1. Hi there! Came across your blog! I'm 24 weeks and expecting twins as well! I started wearing compression stockings to work as well and am so glad i did. I wasn't looking forward to them but they have helped with the swelling so much!
    Love reading other people's twin pregnancy experiences! -Ashley Rimini

  2. Hi Ashley! I found your blog!

    Unfortunately, with this pregnancy I ended up with severe varicose veins, which is something I never had to deal with in my first pregnancy. I have to wear compression stockings literally from the time I get out of bed until the time I lay back down. The only time I do not wear them is to sleep and shower.