Monday, November 12, 2012

Beginnings of a Nursery

Starting on the nursery is a huge undertaking. Before I can give any information about the nursery, I need to give a little background on our garage.

Yes, our garage. Moving into this house was chaotic, to say the least. The day we were set to move was the day I ended up having Braysen. Braysen and I stayed at my parents' for a while Tony, family, and friends moved the furniture and boxes into the new house.  All the garage items and boxes were put in the garage, and Tony still has yet to find the time to organize and put everything away. The garage is probably the only place I stay away from when it comes to organizing because I don't even know what half of the tools are.

So our garage is a complete disaster. And that's putting it nicely. I actually snapped some photos of it, but then realized that Tony would probably be mortified if I posted the pictures, so I decided to save them for later, just in case I need them in the future for blackmail. ;)

Because of that, we've been storing all of our holiday decor in the closet of the guest bedroom, which is what will become the nursery. Also in that closet are the tubs of Braysen's baby clothing and toys, along with all of my tubs of teaching materials that I had to bring home last year  when I left my classroom. Because I have taught so many different grade levels, I have a lot of teaching stuff. So much so that it won't all fit in the closet and is also o n the floor I the guest bedroom.

My dad and his friend Doug came by today to pick up all of our guest bedroom furniture. The furniture is going back where it was moved from, my old bedroom at my parents'.

We decided we are going to have a garage sale to help pay for nursery furniture. So now that I have more space in the room to move about I started organizing which of Braysen's baby clothes I want to keep and which we need to get rid of. We are just out of storage space to be keeping things we no longer need. Tony is also working on getting the garage organized and cleaned out so we have more storage space out there and so hopefully we can get my car back in the garage. He has also agreed to do away with tools that he doesn't use in our garage sale, so wish me luck with that!

Here is what the room looks like now. I know it looks like a mess, but I swear I know what I'm doing!

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