Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Tree Drama

As I've said before, my body is not really dealing very well with this pregnancy. It has been sure to let me know when I've done too much in one day. I am no longer able to attend two events in one day because by the end of the day I am literally laid out on the couch. This is not me at all I hate saying, "No" and try to attend everything. If in the next few months I have to cancel on your or decline an invitation to do something because I already have too much going on that day, I'm sorry!

Yesterday was a case in point. After running some errands in the morning and doing some housework I was pretty tired. Later in the day we decided to put our tree up. Tony helped me piece it all together but then had to leave for work. Braysen and got all the lights working and then went to go get our box of ornaments.  By the time we got back, two strands of lights had stopped working. I messed with it for a little bit but then was in so much pain that I just turned off all the lights on the tree and had to lay down.  Braysen was pretty upset that we couldn't decorate the tree last night, but mommy was done for the day.

The lights still aren't fixed. Tony's schedule for Mon-Wed this week is basically returning to work 8 hours after he gets off, so we'll have to wait until Thursday or Friday to let him mess with the lights.

But when we woke up this morning, Dingy had started decorating the tree for us!

My mom came over after work to help us finish what Dingy started. 

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