Saturday, December 8, 2012

21 Weeks

 Please excuse my attire. We're leaving for Havasu today for Tony's family's Christmas and we have a long drive ahead of us. I'm trying to be comfortable and am not about to get dressed just to take my weekly picture. You may also notice a little hand in the picture. :) Somebody once again did not want me to have my picture taken.

The chalk board for this week sums up exactly how I've been feeling. For those of you that have called, texted, or even emailed me in the last few weeks (a huge THANK YOU to all that have) it's been really difficult for me to lie so I don't. I'm not doing that great at all, and as I've said before, my body is having a difficult time with this pregnancy. It's hard for me to complain, though, because the girls are doing SO WELL. Their growth is fabulous, their fluids look great, and my doc keeps telling me that my cervix looks, and I quote, "beautiful" (ha, only a perinatalogist would use that word to describe a cervix). So while my body is failing me, the girls are perfect so far, which is what's most important.

  I have been really worried (what else is new) about the nursery. We had a lot of work to do to turn our guest bedroom into a nursery.  You may remember back to this post where I explained that this room and closet had basically been turned into storage for everybody in our home.  It has now been cleared out and Tony is almost finished painting. The babies' cribs are set to be delivered on Monday, so I'm hoping their room will be painted and ready!

Our to-do list for the last few weeks has looked like this:
  • Garage cleaned out - still in progress
  • Garage sale - never happened
  • My car back in the garage - big fat FAIL!
  • Nursery painted - almost done!
  • Cribs ordered
  • Christmas decorations
  • Braysen's big boy bed
  • Changing table refinished  - still in progress
I think my biggest frustration is that there are many things on this list that I cannot do or am not allowed to do.

We needed Braysen's mattress for one of the baby cribs, so we took the toddler rail off of his bed and extended it to it's full size. So, yes, my little guy is in a full size queen bed now. :( But he LOVES it!

Well, it's time for us to leave for Havasu, I'll post pics later!

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