Saturday, April 13, 2013

1 month

The girls were a month old yesterday. But yesterday was a rough one, so we are a day late with our one month pictures.

Both girlies are still very sleepy and spend almost the entire day sleeping. We have very little awake time. Most of it is spent eating. I couldn't believe that they were both awake for these pictures!

I'm currently nursing both girls (tandem feeding). I was also pumping after each feeding and in between some feedings to try to boost my supply, but the girls have decided that they want to feed every two hours these last few days. After feeding my slow eaters, burping, and changing, it takes about an hour. That gives me just one hour before they are ready to eat again, so pumping is out of the question. I have had a few Instagram friends that are also nursing twin mamas give me some different ideas with the way they do things, so I'm going to give those things a shot and see if I can find a solution that works for us. Any suggestions are definitely welcome!

The girls are complete opposites in many ways, like a little yin and yang. They compliment each other perfectly. Both have graduated from preemie clothes into newborn, but it's simply because the preemie clothes are too short. They are skinny minnies and have a hard time keeping newborn pants up, but the preemie pants, onesies, and sleepers are just too short for them. They are still wearing preemie diapers, and many times I have a hard time keeping those from sliding off their itty bitty booties.

The stats:
6 lbs 2 oz (5 lbs at birth)
19 inches (18 inches at birth)

6 lbs 4 oz (4 lbs 15 oz at birth)
19 inches (18 inches at birth)


Being swaddled to sleep
Her paci

Being bothered (for diaper changes, getting dressed, etc)

Brynlee has been nicknamed as "The Diva". This girl knows exactly what she wants and does not hesitate to let you know when she is unhappy. Her cries do not start out as whimpers, but as full-scale screams. It's hilarious.



Snuggling, especially if it's with her sister

I can't think of anything that this child protests against, for now.

Berlyn is my little mellow yellow. She is so easy-going and laid back. Her sister could be screaming up a storm while laying next to her, and Berlyn will sleep right through it, peeking one eye open every once in a while.

Brynlee? Diva? Yep, there's the look that we see on her face for a majority of the day.

HEYYYY sister!

In this picture I feel like you can really tell from their profile how much they look alike. Berlyn has a little bit more chunk than Brynlee, but it makes a huge difference in the way they look. From the side they look a lot alike to me.

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