Sunday, May 19, 2013

2 Months

I'm a few days late with their 2-month update. I really wanted to wait until after the girls saw their pediatrician so I could have updated weight information.

The girls have been very fussy the past few weeks. To the point where I cannot even set them down for a few moments. It seems as if the only things they will do is sleep, eat, or cry.  There is never any pleasant awake time.  Thank goodness my mom has been coming over in the afternoons or evenings to give me another set of hands. She has been holding crying babies so I can spend a little time with Braysen, get a little laundry done, or pick up my house. I find myself wishing they would hurry up and grow out of this, but then feel horrible for thinking that because I don't want them to get big so quickly.

Sleep at night has been fabulous. They sleep for 4-hour stretches at night and go right back to sleep after being burped. Daytime naps are a different beast however. 15-20 minute stretches is how long they will sleep. And they wake up very upset. The rest of their awake time is spent with me either feeding them or trying to keep them both happy. Sitting in the bouncer or the Mamaroo? Nope. Playing in their little gym? Nope. Laying on mama's legs so I can talk to them? Nope. Laying on the floor playing? Nope.  They want to be held all during their awake time. And with 15 minute naps, that's pretty much our entire day. I feel so bad for Braysen. I always tell him that as soon as the babies go to sleep I can spend a little more time with him. Yet I can never seem to get them to stay asleep.

We made a trip to the doctor, and as it turns out, the girls have reflux. She didn't want to medicate them unless absolutely necessary because of all the side effects the medication can cause. So instead, she gave me a laundry list of things I can do to help them. I will (hopefully) find a little time in the future to do a blog post about that.

The stats:
9 lbs 1 oz (5 lbs at birth)
21 inches (18 inches at birth)

9 lbs 5 oz (4 lbs 15 oz at birth)
22 inches (18 inches at birth)

I am so sad that I don't feel like I can do a personality update on either baby. What I typed above pretty much sums up everything at this point. I can't really find much that makes either of them happy, besides being held.



This was right before Brynlee pulled Berlyn's hair. Again. Yes it happens all the time.

Braysen wanted some pictures with his sisters so we threw him in there too.

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  1. You have the cutest babies. My baby girl was sleeping amazing and this last week all she wants is to be held and wakes up upset. So not like her. She has her one month tomorrow lets see if its reflux. Or just being a brat lol. And nighttime is perfect. The daytime naps went from 3-4 hours to 20 mins. Yikes. It will be over soon and then il be sad that its over. :(