Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 Months

Both girlies have been prescribed Ranitidine for their reflux after yet another visit to the doctor. It has worked fabulously for Brynlee, but Berlyn still does not seem her mellow self. She has turned into a high maintenance baby, which she never was before, so I don't think she is responding well to the medication. I stopped giving it to her yesterday to see if she does any better. If her reflux still seems to be bothering her I will need to take her back to the doctor to see if she can get a different prescription.

Sleep has not been that great. They were sleeping fabulously at night, but I think that's because they were just so exhausted from crying and not sleeping all day that they just knocked out finally by the end of the day. Right now they are waking about every 3 hours to feed. Yes, still at 3 months. So if you see me and I look tired, it's because I AM!

 I don't have updated stats on the girls because they haven't been to the doctor recently.



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