Friday, June 28, 2013

Girls' First River Trip

My parents went on their first river trip of the summer last weekend. They asked us if we wanted to go, but I was extremely hesitant. Just having one little one out there is a lot of work, I couldn't even imagine what it would be like with 3!

I've been a little torn when it comes to decision-making with different activities. Things go much smoother with the girls if we just stay put at home, but on the other hand, I feel bad making Braysen miss out on things because of that, especially when he is stuck at home all day as well.

After we found out that Tony had to work both Saturday and Sunday, we just decided that I would take the kiddos and go, rather than just sit at home alone all weekend.

All the kids did really well. They all napped and slept better than they do at home!

My parents have a membership through CRA and camp at Emerald Cove. They have a sah-weet trailer that will sleep at least 10 people. My brother usually brings a boatload of friends with him, but this trip it was just my parents, me, and my kiddos.

The girls are about the same age as Braysen was for his first river trip.

Braysen was sooo excited. He had been asking me every day that week, "Are we going to the river today?" As soon as we got there, he took off for the water. I didn't even have a chance to change him out of his clothes and before he tried to catch the ducks.

Brynlee & Berlyn

My dad had the back of the trailer opened up so he could unload it, so I set the babes down on the bed for tummy time. This is the sweet view they had.

 Brynlee testing out the water.

"I'm FWOATING, mama!"

Grammie and Braysen going for a boat ride.

 Brynlee & Berlyn


   Just part of my new normal: burping two babies simultaneously.

 Braysen & Grammie going for an early morning bike ride. (Well before the temperature made it into the triple digits)
 And then some miniature golf with Papa.

And a little time at the playground.

Brynlee & Berlyn

Papa, Berlyn, & Braysen
Grammie, Berlyn, & Brynlee

Papa & Berlyn

Sometimes naptime at the river means mommy holding you so you can sleep down by the water.

Me with all my babies

Braysen played so hard in the water that day.

He was so busy that day, it's no wonder he had 3-hour naps each day! Just recently his normal 2-hour nap had become about an hour and a half, but not at the river!

 My dad's morning wake up call at 5:45.
Surprisingly, the girls slept right through that wake up call!

 Braysen got to see a helicopter take off when somebody needed to be airlifted to the hospital.

 We took Braysen up river to check out Pirate's Den, which is a bar & grill that sits on the water.
  My dad picked out and bought these tanks from Pirate's Den shortly after we found out they were girls.

Wet washcloths are the way to go if you're trying to keep babies cool in the 108* heat!

 Papa & Braysen

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