Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

We had a very eventful day. Tony worked really late the night before and didn't arrive home until 4:30am, so while he slept, Braysen and I had all kinds of fun!

 Red velvet pancakes! I just made the pancakes using this recipe and then used a star cutter to cut them out. They were just ok. I will probably make them again next year, but will use this recipe instead. Braysen is obsessed blueberries, so he loved them.

The night before we baked some sugar cookies. I was lazy short on time, so I bought a roll of premade dough from the store, which is something I never do. When it comes to sugar cookies, I usually always make them from scratch.

And this is why. I'm not thrilled with the way the cut outs distort when baked.

I used pre-packaged dough, but I did not use store-bought frosting. You will never see that happen in this house! We whipped up a yummy batch and Braysen got started with the decorating.

We also made some red, white, and blue marshmallow sticks. These were super easy and he loved them. You just dip a marshmallow in water (a quick dip so they don't become soggy) and stick it in a bag of jello powder and shake. We set them out and let them dry before sticking them on some stripey straws I had left over from Christmas time.
4th of july treat

These were fun too! We used watermelon, apple, and blueberries. He ate all these within 5 or 6 minutes.
4th of july treat

More fruit. We like fruit in this house.

And some yummy jello treats.

Fire-free fire works. We also made fireworks out of coffee filters, but I forgot to take pictures.

And this what the girls did while we were busy in the kitchen. Thank goodness they were pretty good for most of the morning, because we had a full schedule that day! Next year I will have three little ones to plan activities for!

 Watching fireworks.

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