Monday, August 5, 2013

4 Month Update

 I started this update after I took their 4 month pictures but with our trip to Havasu and the beach camping trip, I never got around to finishing it. :( Here is what I had.

4 months
The girls are sleeping in their separate cribs now. They love sleeping together and fall asleep so much faster when they're snuggled up next to each other, but Brynlee is such a wiggle worm in her sleep that she always manages to wake Berlyn up, and then poor Berlyn cries because she has a hard time going back to sleep. They are still swaddled. I tried unswaddling and it was a complete disaster. I started off leaving one arm out of the swaddle during naptime and both girls did fantastic so I started leaving both arms out. It was So much easier for them to fall asleep because they could hold their lovies up to their faces and (sometimes) hold their pacifiers in. But we tried it for two nights and I was up every hour and a half because neither baby could stay asleep. Fail. They are swaddled again for now.

They are only a quarter inch different in length and about two ounces in weight.


Length: 23.5 inches
Weight: 11 lbs 5.6 oz

Likes: bath time
taking pictures


Length: 23.75 inches
Weight: 11 lbs 3.2 oz
Bath time

I started taking pictures and then realized she didn't have her sticker on.  Once I got her sticker on her, she decided she was done smiling.

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