Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 months

It's been AGES since I did a monthly update for the girls (MONTHS really, but who's counting?). I took the monthly photos, just never got around to posting them. Boo.

10 months

Both babies are crawling. EVERYWHERE! They've learned their way around the house. I can no longer keep them in the living room to play. They want in the play room. I would like to blame it on the fact that Braysen is in there playing, but they wander in there even when he is napping. When they do decide to play in the living room, they enjoy cruising the furniture. They no longer enjoy spending time in the walked or jumperoo, they want to be free so they can explore!

They will no longer eat their puréed food, and want chunks of food only. I had quite a bit of baby food prepped in the freezer that I ended up tossing because they refused to eat the purees anymore.

Both babies have their two bottom teeth. 

The girls love love LOVE their brother. They follow him around the house. They love to hold his hand in the car (on most days) and it is the sweetest thing EVER to look in the back seat and see all 3 of my little loves with their hands linked together.

Neither baby seems to care for sippy cups, but love their straw cups. Braysen was the exact same way. 


Brynlee continues to be feisty. She's my little "grabby" girl and wants everything within arm's reach. It is so funny to watch her eat because she grabs the biggest handful of food she can and just shovels it into her mouth. Sometimes she will do this with both hands at the same time! I have to separate their high chairs at mealtimes because she will grab food off of Berlyn's tray.

She has also mastered the "duck face".

She loves to eat broccoli, pears, peas, bananas, avocado, scrambled egg yolks, cheese, chicken, toast, and pretty much anything else you put in front of her.

Brynlee has mastered using her straw cup.

She seems to really be excelling with her fine motor skills.

She has also finally mastered crawling on her hands and knees. She was doing an army type crawl (we've been calling her "Scooter") up until this last month. 

Brynlee loves to smile and giggle and is super ticklish!


Berlyn is a very sensitive babe. She continues to be startled by loud noises and gets anxious when she's in an unfamiliar place. She is so happy to see familiar faces though. If you walk into the room she will give you a huge grin and race toward you. She is a super fast crawler! She mastered hands-and-knees crawling from the get-go and has been on the move ever since!

Berlyn loves to be held. I can count at least 20-25 times each day that she will crawl up to me and want to be picked up.
Berlyn is still practicing with her straw cup.

 She seems to really be excelling with her gross motor skills.
She loves to eat peas, bananas, pears, and avocado. While she prefers chunks of food, she doesn't really like to feed herself. She will eat a few handfuls and then look at me and wait for me to feed her the rest.

Onto the pictures for this month. I have nothing to say but OMIGOSH PICTURES ARE SO HARD RIGHT NOW! I used to stress to try to get great shots of both babies, but I've stopped doing that. This is our everyday life right now. This is 10 months.



And since I haven't posted monthly pics since {ahem} 5 months, here they are:


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