Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School - 2014

Braysen goes back to school tomorrow. He is nowhere near as excited this year as he was last year. Even after school clothes shopping, getting a new haircut, and picking out a new back pack and lunch pail, he still isn't showing much enthusiasm. 

One of my twin mom friends that I met on IG has a little boy who started 2nd grade a few weeks ago, and she posted pictures of a back to school dinner that she does for him every year. So fun, right? The printables she used were so cute! I found them for free here!

He got to choose our dinner for tonight. Pasta and salad? Yes, he is my child. If you know me at all, then his choice of dinner shouldn't surprise you at all. These are pretty much my two favorite foods of all time.

But his favorite part? The cupcakes! I opted for {gasp} a boxed cake mix and canned frosting. Not my style, I know, but my little headband business has really been eating away at my extra time!

Brynlee was thrilled to get part of a cupcake!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shaving Cream Painting

This week we used shaving cream to paint. This was a fun one! I was quite certain that the girls would try to eat the shaving cream/paint mixture. With me being outnumbered 3:1, chances were good they would consume it, so they sat out for this activity.

All we needed was shaving cream, paper, paint, a fork, and a flat surface. We used a cutting board, but you could also use a cookie sheet.

Braysen sprayed the shaving cream all over the board.

And then spread it all around.

The girls weren't very happy that they were missing craft time today.

I squeezed some blobs of paint out onto the shaving cream and Braysen used a plastic fork to swirl it around.

Next we pressed the paper down over the shaving cream.

The girls finally gave up and decided to play.

 Clean up time!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Foam Dough

Foam dough was fun, but really messy!

We needed shaving cream, corn starch, and a plastic tub.

 Remember when I said messy? I had this stuff all over my kitchen! Next time we will probably do this one outside.

And of course, any type of dough becomes a jump for his motorcycles.

I'm really glad he likes to use the vacuum. It makes cleaning up these messy activities a breeze. :)