Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shaving Cream Painting

This week we used shaving cream to paint. This was a fun one! I was quite certain that the girls would try to eat the shaving cream/paint mixture. With me being outnumbered 3:1, chances were good they would consume it, so they sat out for this activity.

All we needed was shaving cream, paper, paint, a fork, and a flat surface. We used a cutting board, but you could also use a cookie sheet.

Braysen sprayed the shaving cream all over the board.

And then spread it all around.

The girls weren't very happy that they were missing craft time today.

I squeezed some blobs of paint out onto the shaving cream and Braysen used a plastic fork to swirl it around.

Next we pressed the paper down over the shaving cream.

The girls finally gave up and decided to play.

 Clean up time!

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